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  1. Read it carefully. NOTE: There is 2 way of making Thor Patch Files. First is Patch on GRF and 2nd is Patch on Client Folder. Lets do the GRF Patch First. GRF PATCH: Step 1: Make a Folder and name it data GRF Patch. Inside this folder have data folder that can put your grf resources. Step 2: Open your ThorGenerator.exe and Target the Folder data GRF Patch/data Step 3: Click the Acsii Option and save your out Output like the image bellow. the output is the Thor File generated. Step 4: Click The Generate Button after the Step 3. Step 5: After the first-patch.thor are generated. Go to your webhost files look for web_patcher or patcher folder. upload the first-patch.thor in the data Folder. Step 6: Find the plist.txt in your patcher folder and list like bellow. 1 first-patch.thor The number 1 in the starting is number of process of your patch it can be 1 and 2 and so far.
  2. HOW TO ADD CUSTONS ITEMS RAGNAROK ONLINE RATHENA Quickly learn how to add customs sprites on your server. open your main GRF that is reading luafiles514 (in the example of the guide is my main.grf because I don’t have another one) Step 1: Open your main.grf and find the following files. data\luafiles514\datainfo\accname.lub Step 2: Open your main.grf and find the following files. data\luafiles514\datainfo\accessoryid.lub Notice: Make Sure the 5388 is unique accessory ID. Step 3: Prepare the sprite of your headgears in the respective folders. make sure it is correct spelling like bellow. ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ = folder that holds the spr and act of the items when dragged and drop and also showed on your inventory. ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®/³²/ – folder of the equipped Male Jobs. ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®/¿©/ – folder of the equipped Female Jobs. data\luafiles514\datainfo\accname.lub = this is where you define the sprite name make sure it is correct spelling. data\luafiles514\datainfo\AccessoryId.lub = file is where you define the view_id of the sprites. make sure it is unique id ok. Notice: To make sure it is appearing in game. you can use some commands to view if the Step 1, 2 and 3 are working before you proceed on Step 4. I suggest do this shortcut and dont waste some time of being error or not showing items. just type the following commands. @changelook 1 view_id = this commands show the Sprite View on Top Location. @changelook 2 view_id = this commands show the Sprite View on Mid Location. @changelook 3 view_id = this commands show the Sprite View on Lower Location. And so on number are show when you type @changelook. Ok lets proceed on Step 4 nigga. Step 4: open your db/import/item_db.txt or item_db.yml. but in this guide I used only the item_db.txt. (don't mad at me this is only guide lol.,) Notice: In the image there I put a Number. this is only a sign lol (dami kasing nalilito jan) 1.) this is your item ID. make sure it is unique ID. 2.) this is your sprite name. you can do anything you want there but make sure it is unique or no similar spelling to other to make sure item WARNING will not showd like Duplicate Name Warning. [Daming DEV kuno na hindi alam ifixed ito ang tagal nyu ng nag dedev eh di nyu pa alam ito. basic]. 3.) you can put anything you want Duplicate? who cares hahaha. 4.) this is the Sprite Location. here is magic there. this is for me. - 1024 = this number code is for TOP COSTUME. to get the number for MID COSTUME just do the math. 1024+1024 = 2048 - 2048 = this is a number code for MID COSTUME. you can do same to get LOWER COSTUME do a math again nigga. 2048+2048 = 4096 - 4096 = this is your Lower Costume. simple but I got this 3 years before I learn to my Old Dev Lykan AKA Tadeus Granade 😛 5.) this is your view_id that you put in your data\luafiles514\datainfo\AccessoryId.lub. Ok lets proceed to the Description Area. Step 5. Open your System/iteminfo.lua and apply the Step 1,2 and 4. Notice: in the image there is 1 to 4. 1.) this is your item_id that you put on your item_db.txt 2.) this is your sprite name. make sure it is correct spelling on the sprite you put in the accname.lub 3.) do what ever you want here this is your item Description. 4.) this is your view_id that you put in the accessoryid.lub make sure it correct view_id ok. then thats it all are complete you are now pass on the first problem on How to do this thing. Message to all aspirant Ragnarok Developer. Do not skip the error Learn it to solve. every error you encounter you will learn a lot. trust me this will help your future and can be apply on your real life.
  3. Find this on clif.cpp WFIFOL(fd, 28) = (gmlvl == 99) ? 1 : 0; // isAdmin; if nonzero, also displays text above char and change to WFIFOL(fd, 28) = (gmlvl == 99) ? 0 : 0; // isAdmin; if nonzero, also displays text above char
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This Thor Patcher Scripted by S1 Lycos. I rebuild it to make smaller file weight and the design. Skyzone Confirm Account Only can download this file. Request a Ticket if you wish to activate your Email on this Forum Collection.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Flux Vote for Points Addons. Guide: - extract this on your Flux addons Folder - locate the schemas/logindb folder there is pack of SQL for your vote sql and import it on your phpmyadmin of your Server. then you can now add a vote for points links. Login: - login Admin Account to add Vote Links of your server
  6. Version 1.0.0


    # ExtendedBG - Package List. --- ClientSide [FOLDER] --- Conf [FOLDER] --- db [FOLDER] --- npc [FOLDER] --- ExtendedBG.diff
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I test some of this new update I cant penetrate the grf encryption using this update. I suggest to all use this grf editor by Tokie. Do not use Outdated GRF Editor it is penetrable which means we can cracked the encryption of the old grf editor.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Offline Server Monitor
  9. Price: - 30$ | Patcher Exe Only - 50$ | Patcher Exe With Soft Copy of Source Code PSD: - PSD Copy 15$ [CLEAN ADDONS] - Online Peak - RSS Note: we can change the background and color depend on your logo color theme. Choose your patcher... and message us on Facebook Page.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Clean Client Request for 2018 Client. this is best recommended for Gepard Shield.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Installation: Step 1: upload the Addon Folder on your flux name skyzone.zip make sure it is extracted. Step 2: upload the themes on your themes name is purple_themes. Step 3: open the applocation.php that located on your config Folder Step 4: find 'ThemeName' => array('default', 'bootstrap'), and add the purple themes it is look like bellow + 'ThemeName' => array('purple_themes', 'default', 'bootstrap'), NOTE: - do not remove the default to override all pages on the default flux. - this is 100% free release. do not sell. - Orange Themes by Mihael will be next upload.
  13. To Wipe-Out all Characters, Items, Etc. How to wipe-out all characters, Items, Guilds, Party, Etc except to the player accounts? make sure to shotdown your server before your TRUNCATE all database table. 1. Login to PhpMyAdmin 2. Click to ragnarok database 3. Check all the following queries: 4. Click to "With selected:" 5. Select "Empty" 6. Click "Yes" 7. Done! Restart Server.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    this Generator Help you to determine your item db information correctly. Thanks you to the Creator I forgot to his name I download this 5 years ago I think.
  15. First, let's take a look at the item_db in the db folder, and its structure: ID,DBName,ScreenName,Type,Price,Sell,Weight,ATK,DEF,Range,Slot,Job,Class,Gender,Loc,wLV,eLV, Refineable,View,{Script},{OnEquip_Script},{OnUnequip_Script} ID: ID of the item. Aegis Name: This first name is the DB name. When you use @item and you know the name of the item, but not the ID, type this name instead. Try making the ScreenName the same as this so you wont get confused. English Name: This is the name the server shows. Type: Purpose of the item. 0 = Usable : healing 2 = Usable : other 3 = Misc 4 = Armor 5 = Weapon 6 = Card 7 = Pet Egg 8 = Pet Equipment 10 = Arrow/Ammunition 11 = Usable with delayed consumption (intended for 'itemskill'). Items using the 'itemskill' script command are consumed after selecting a target. Any other command will NOT consume the item. 12 = Shadow Equipment 18 = Another delayed consume that requires user confirmation before using item. Price: Default NPC buying price in Zeny. Sell: NPC selling price in Zeny. Weight: Weight of the item * 10. Means, an item of 0.1 weight each, must be entered as 1. ATK: Base weapon attack, in case of a weapon. In RE enabled servers this field have a optional delimiter : to define this item's weaponMATK bonus, for example, 30:50 would mean the item gives 30 atk and 50 weaponMATK DEF: Base defense for armor-type items. Range: Maximum range in map cells a weapon allows to be the player apart from it's target. Slot: Amount of card slots in weapon/armor-type items. Job: Which jobs this item is available for. Values below can be combined to achieve availability for multiple job classes, i. e. 0x2|0x4 -> 0x6 (Swordman+Mage) (S.) Novice (2^00): 0x00000001 Swordman (2^01): 0x00000002 Mage (2^02): 0x00000004 Archer (2^03): 0x00000008 Acolyte (2^04): 0x00000010 Merchant (2^05): 0x00000020 Thief (2^06): 0x00000040 Knight (2^07): 0x00000080 Priest (2^08): 0x00000100 Wizard (2^09): 0x00000200 Blacksmith (2^10): 0x00000400 Hunter (2^11): 0x00000800 Assassin (2^12): 0x00001000 Unused (2^13): 0x00002000 Crusader (2^14): 0x00004000 Monk (2^15): 0x00008000 Sage (2^16): 0x00010000 Rogue (2^17): 0x00020000 Alchemist (2^18): 0x00040000 Bard/Dancer (2^19): 0x00080000 Unused (2^20): 0x00100000 Taekwon (2^21): 0x00200000 StarGladiator (2^22): 0x00400000 Soul Linker (2^23): 0x00800000 Gunslinger (2^24): 0x01000000 Ninja (2^25): 0x02000000 Gangsi (2^26): 0x04000000 Death Knight (2^27): 0x08000000 Dark Collector (2^28): 0x10000000 Kagerou/Oboro (2^29): 0x20000000 Rebellion (2^30): 0x40000000 All Classes : 0xFFFFFFFF Every Job Except Novice : 0xFFFFFFFE Class: Specifies whether the item can be used by normal, baby or reborn/rebirth classes (trans.). Values below can be combined, i. e. 1|4 -> 5, Normal+Baby Classes (excl. Third Baby classes) Note: For Pre-Renewal Setting 2 enables the item for rebirth/reborn (trans.) classes and 3rd classes, and 8 can be used for all kinds of Third Classes. 1 = Normal 2 = Reborn/Trans. Classes (High Wizards, Champions etc.) (excl. Trans-3rd classes) 4 = Baby Classes (excl. 3rd Baby Classes) 8 = 3rd Classes (excl. Trans-3rd classes and 3rd Baby classes) 16 = Trans-3rd Classes 32 = Baby 3rd Classes Gender: Gender restriction for the item. 0 = Female 1 = Male 2 = No restriction (both) Loc: Equipment location of armor and arrow-type items. Values below can be combined, i. e. 136 would indicate both accessory slots (typical value for accessories). (2^0) 1 = Lower headgear (2^1) 2 = Right hand (2^2) 4 = Garment/Robe (2^3) 8 = Accessory 1 (2^4) 16 = Armor (2^5) 32 = Left hand (2^6) 64 = Shoes (2^7) 128 = Accessory 2 (2^8) 256 = Upper headgear (2^9) 512 = Middle headgear (2^10) 1024 = Costume Upper headgear (2^11) 2048 = Costume Middle headgear (2^12) 4096 = Costume Lower headgear (2^13) 8192 = Costume Garment/Robe (2^15) 32768 = Arrow (arrow-type items only) (2^16) 65536 = Shadow Armor (2^17) 131072 = Shadow Weapon (2^18) 262144 = Shadow Shield (2^18) 524288 = Shadow Shoes (2^20) 1048576 = Shadow Accessory 2 (2^21) 2097152 = Shadow Accessory 1 wLV: Weapon level of an item (1-4), other items 0. eLV: The minimum base level required for using/equipping the item. Refineable: Whether the item is available for refining (1) or not (0). View: Specifies the client-side look for the item. Weapon-type items: Daggers One-Handed Swords Two-Handed Swords One-Handed Spears Two-Handed Spears One-Handed Axes Two-Handed Axes Maces (not used) Wand/Staff Bows/Crossbows Knuckle Weapons Musical Instruments Whips Books Katars Revolvers Rifles Shotguns Gatling guns Grenade launchers Fuuma shuriken Two-handed staves Max Type Dual-wield Daggers Dual-wield Swords Dual-wield Axes Dagger + Sword Dagger + Axe Sword + Axe Shield-type items: Guard, Novice Guard Buckler Shield, Holy Guard, Evangelist Mirror Shield Ammunition-type items: Arrows Throw-able daggers Bullets Shells Grenades Shuriken Kunai Cannonballs Throwable Items (Sling Item) Headgear-type items: Please see the View IDs section of this guide. {Script}: This is where you put your item bonus. Whether it's an usable item or an equip item, it will take effect according to the item type. {OnEquip_Script}: This is where the bonus you want to be applied upon equipping goes. It will only execute as soon as you equip the item. {OnUnequip_Script}: This is where the bonus you want to be applied upon unequipping goes. It will only execute as soon as you unequip the item.