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    This Soullink Override is Compatible to Latest and Old rAthena + /*override soul links */ + export_constant(SL_ALCHEMIST); + export_constant(SL_MONK); + export_constant(SL_STAR); + export_constant(SL_SAGE); + export_constant(SL_CRUSADER); + export_constant(SL_SUPERNOVICE); + export_constant(SL_KNIGHT); + export_constant(SL_WIZARD); + export_constant(SL_PRIEST); + export_constant(SL_BARDDANCER); + export_constant(SL_ROGUE); + export_constant(SL_ASSASIN); + export_constant(SL_BLACKSMITH); + export_constant(SL_HUNTER); + export_constant(SL_SOULLINKER); + export_constant(SL_GUNNER); + export_constant(SL_NINJA);
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Credit to Balfear of rAthena
  4. Hello due to many of you are requesting of how to setup correct guide to change Level 255. Here is our made this was the Correct Level for 255/120 including the Stats Points are in this Correct and Balance. The Correct 255/120 status is 7316 Total Status Points. When you put it on Stats it will be 2 stats 255 and there will be 100 extra Status Points. Also the HP Base is Corrected on this calculation just Do The Following Steps 1st Step: Edit on src/map.hpp and Find the #define MAX_LEVEL 99 and Change to #define MAX_LEVEL 255 2nd Step: Go to conf/battle/player.conf and change it the following bellow. // Maximum atk speed. (Default 190, Highest allowed 199) max_aspd: 196 // Same as max_aspd, but for 3rd classes. (Default 193, Highest allowed 199) max_third_aspd: 196 // Max ASPD for extended class (Kagerou/Oboro and Rebellion). (Default 193, Highest allowed 199) max_extended_aspd: 196 // Max ASPD for Summoner Class (Doram). (Default 193, Highest allowed 199) max_summoner_aspd: 196 // Maximum HPs depending on base level. Default values are: // Lv 99: 330000 // Lv150: 660000 // Lv175: 1100000 max_hp_lv99: 330000 max_hp_lv150: 660000 max_hp: 1100000 // Maximum SP. (Default is 1000000) max_sp: 5000 // Maximum params/stats for each class. (str, agi, vit, int, dex, and luk) // 'max_parameter' for novice, non-trans, non-baby, and non-3rd classes // 'max_trans_parameter' for trans classes (non-3rd trans classes) // 'max_third_parameter' for 3rd classes (regular/non-trans) except baby 3rd clasess // 'max_third_trans_parameter' for 3rd trans classes // 'max_baby_parameter' for baby classes except baby 3rd classes // 'max_baby_third_parameter' for baby 3rd classes only // 'max_extended_parameter' for extended 2nd class (Kagerou/Oboro and Rebellion) // For mor specific/advanced option, see 'db/[pre-]re/job_params_db.txt' max_parameter: 255 max_trans_parameter: 255 max_third_parameter: 255 max_third_trans_parameter: 255 max_baby_parameter: 255 max_baby_third_parameter: 255 max_extended_parameter: 255 max_summoner_parameter: 255 max_fourth_parameter: 255 3rd Step: go to your db/import/ and copy pase the attach file bellow. Download and Paste it into your db/import/ Folder Notes: make sure you recompile your server since you made a changes on your src Folder. If you are Newbies this is the best reminder to you that when you made a changes on your src make sure it is compiled to apply your changes on the server. Thank you and God Bless. job_stats.yml statpoint.yml
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